Power up your Somali
with Daariz

Learn Somali for school, college, work, family or to message your friends.

What’s included?

The Daariz app has everything you need to get started reading and writing in Somali. It includes two free courses, Somali 1 and Somali 2

Get going
with Somali 1
You’ll learn:
  • The alphabet
  • Letter sounds & combinations
  • Numbers
  • Simple Words
  • Short sentences
Power up
with Somali 2
You’ll practice:
  • Writing
  • Sight reading
  • Comprehension

should be fun

So Daariz is packed with stories, games, challenges and tests. You can win awards, badges, virtual camels and your personalised scoring keeps you motivated.

Daariz is free
and always
will be

It’s free because the Daariz purpose is to provide accessible, affordable learning opportunities for anyone in Somaliland.

Daariz is part of Sahamiye Foundation , and works with educators to bring the benefits and opportunities of learning to everyone in Somaliland.